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What do people look for in a yoga retreat?

A recent retreat practicing in our second-story, beachfront studio

What do people look for in a yoga retreat?

To answer this question, research shows 3 main focuses: perfect location, the ability to disconnect to focus solely on oneself and their practice, and pricing.

Let me tell you about yoga retreats in Hotel Las Olas in regards to all 3

Location: Our hotel is located right on the beach of Playa Hermosa. Our yoga studio is second-story, right in front of the beach.

Ability to Disconnect: Playa Hermosa is a very small, authentic town. While here, you can completely immerse yourself into a

culture filled with positivity and friendly faces.

Pricing: Our yoga retreats are very affordable. Check out our different options and prices and see for yourself.

In closing, come immerse yourself in this wonderful place, and continue your practice in in an environment that is in the perfect location, provides the necessary atmosphere to escape or achieve whatever feeling you wish, and will not break your bank in the process.


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