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What Does Sustainability Mean To Us?

Sustainability is a core focus in Costa Rica. As we live in a world that uses more resources than ever, it is important to operate sustainably.

Did you know?

*Nearly 94% of electricity in Costa Rica comes from renewable resources (hydroelectric, wind power)

*Costa Rica ranks #2 in the world in the World Energy Council "global environmental" Sustainability council

Source: Author: Zach Dyer

What do we do at Hotel Las Olas?

Our core initiatives and values align with the status quo in regards to sustainability. Over the course of our recent, ongoing renovation, sustainability remains as a core focus. Our methods for water usage, electricity, and daily operations in regards to food and beverage and maintenance have all been geared towards more sustainable efforts.

So....what does sustainability mean to us?

It is an obligation to meet a standard to ensure we do our part in maintaining the sustainable success of our country. It is a real blessing to have the opportunity to operate a hotel in such a wonderful location. With great opportunity comes great responsibility, and Hotel Las Olas is sustainably responsible, and will continue to be so!

Come see it for yourself!

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